Regulatory & Credentialing

Various professional documents are required to be maintained in the personnel folder, in the credentialing office, and by the individual in the event of audit by the NC Board of Nursing, NC Medical Board, or other auditing entities.
The following documents serve as a reference as to which documents are required in each area. The Duke Department of Advanced Clinical Practice ensures that the personnel files of ACP employees funded greater or equal to 50% by the Department meet the requirements for The Joint Commission. Employees funded less than 50% by the ACP Department are responsible for ensuring that their personnel files are compliant with The Joint Commission requirements.
The North Carolina Board of Nursing and Medical Board may conduct site visits to review the credentialing and practice of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, respectively. Below are the site visit forms used during these visits.
For further information about regulatory and credentialing issues, please visit these web sites:
"Advanced Practice Nurse/Physician Assistant Web-Based Training Program"  This Medicare APN/PA web-based training describes the roles and reimbursement rules that apply to CRNAs, CNSs, NPs, CNMs or PAs who bill for services provided to Medicare beneficiaries. The sections that are part of the 'Additional Information' lesson detail topics that apply across-the-board to any or all APN/PAs.
The primary purpose of this web-based training is to:
  • Provide definitions of the Advanced Practice Nursing/Physician Assistant provider types;
  • Outline qualifications of the Advanced Practice Nursing/Physician Assistant provider types;
  • Describe collaboration/supervision requirements for Advanced Practice Nursing/Physician Assistant Medicare reimbursement;
  • List the Medicare billing requirements for Advanced Practice Nursing and Physician Assistants; and
  • Identify links to Medicare manuals and other resources.

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